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Finding my voice again...

Well, I've finally hit it: a change in my life that I should have expected and actually hoped would happen (though not like this.) My department was eliminated at work.

I spent the first few days mourning and doing housework in between working on my resume (though it took me another week to finish 3 of them with cover letter and portfolio. I've never had problems writing about anything, just myself it seems; it's always like pulling teeth. This particular extraction was grueling and awful, and I couldn't have done it without a little help from my friends. ♪) I spent the Second week finding jobs and identifying the ones I wanted the most. More housework to delay the inevitable...

By the third week I knew I had to start getting serious and by end of the week I had applied to my top 3 jobs, plus 3 others. I went into Easter weekend feeling supremely confident that I would recieve a call in no time! Reveling in that confidence, I spent most of the fourth week enjoying myself apparently. I only applied to one job. But I also didn't hear anything. From anyone. I started to get nervous....

So here it is, the start of the fifth week. Four weeks ago I was laid off, and I still don't have a job. Or any calls.

I've never not been without work, so this is a very strange experience thus far. My father has graciously given me a kit he was given when he had to transition careers, and it's given me some food for thought. Perhaps it's time to change, though the dilemma for me has always been the same: I don't know what I will do that will make me happy or what I will like. I don't particularly enjoy graphic design any more than I enjoyed floristry. I like being creative, and I like solving technical problems. And I like research. Translating that into a paying career is going to be the hard part.

A few articles I read indicate that you should keep a schedule while unemployed, it's supposed to help fight off depression and keep you from falling into sloth by being productive. Part of that, I think, will be for me to take up writing again. I always think better when I do.
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